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Residential Heating Oil Customers

Proudly serving homes in BranfordCheshireEast HavenGuilfordHamdenMadisonMilfordNew HavenNorthfordNorth BranfordNorth HavenOrangeWallingfordWest Haven and Woodbridge.

New Haven-based Rozoil has a reputation for consistent, outstanding service and some of the lowest prices of any oil company in Connecticut. We update our low price per gallon for heating oil every day and post it on our home page, so you know you're always getting some of the best possible deals for your home heating oil.

In today's tough economy, homeowners and local businesses need a Connecticut oil company they can count on. Rozoil has consistently provided their clients with on-time delivery and impeccable service for decades.

Our easy online ordering requires just a call or click to let us know how much heating oil you need delivered. Based on our delivery schedule, we will usually be there within 48 to 72 hours.

Rozoil has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and we have doubled our service area and client base. Your neighbors have been signing on in record numbers with our company. While other CT oil companies have struggled, Rozoil's consistent record of low oil prices and dependability has kept us growing.

To request your next COD oil delivery at some of the best prices in New Haven County and beyond, give Rozoil a call at (203) 776-2000 or contact us today. Remember ... "Your Neighbor Just Paid Less for Heating Oil!"