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Is Your Tank Full?

- 4:17 pm - June 20th, 2018

You may not be using your heating oil during the summer, but it’s important to keep your oil storage tank full! Not only will this ensure you have an ample supply when the cold weather does come back around, it’ll also protect your heating system and your storage tank.

Water Accumulation

If your tank is empty, it leaves room for water to accumulate. Water and oil don’t get along very well, resulting in sediment buildup that can result in a rare but costly tank release.

System Breakdowns

Storage tanks are built to last, however. Designed using corrosive-resistant materials, they can hold their own despite buildup. That said if solids from the storage tank get into your heating equipment come next winter, you could be facing a costly breakdown and emergency service calls.

Pays to Stay Full

One last heating oil delivery before putting your oil storage tank and heating system out of mind is all it takes to protect you from costly repairs, cleanups and more. Order your heating oil from our website today!