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You Were Snow Much Help!

- 8:54 am - February 27th, 2018

The winter is finally coming to an end! After January’s unprecedented cold snap and blizzard fiasco, we couldn’t be happier to have had such a successful heating season. For that, we have our customers to thank! It was a momentous undertaking to get to all of the homes throughout our service area, but we were happy to take up the challenge.       

That being said, it would’ve been no easy task if it weren’t for all of you shoveling a path to your fill pipes. By eliminating the danger of our staff from slipping on snow and ice, you’ve made it possible for us to get to more homes safely and efficiently. We also recognize the hard work our staff has put forth during this heating season to give you the best service possible. Our workers have done their best to keep each one of you warm, no matter how brutal the winters may get and we certainly appreciate their efforts.

Thank you all for being part of the Rozoil family. We look forward to serving our customers and to facing new challenges with our reliable team. There are still a few weeks left of winter, so don’t forget to order fuel for your final delivery before the weather warms up! Visit us online today to order.