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Rozoil Delivers More Than Just Heating Oil

- 3:46 pm - November 20th, 2018

At Rozoil, delivering high quality heating oil for the lowest possible price is our primary goal! However, that isn’t the only benefit we offer homeowners who rely on Rozoil for their home heating fuel delivery needs:

  • You only pay when we deliver! You’ll never make a payment during a month in which you haven’t received oil
  • We won’t tie you down! There is no contract to sign that locks you in with us for a certain length of time or number of deliveries
  • Ordering is convenient! Our responsive website allows you to order from any screen, any time, anywhere
  • Deliveries are consistent! Our delivery schedule is posted on our website, and allows our customers to know when they can expect their delivery
  • Many payment options! Rozoil accepts MasterCard, Discover Card, VISA, and American Express – as well as cash on delivery!

All you need to order oil from Rozoil is your email address – so hop on our website and find out for yourself how easy and convenient it is to order home heating oil from us! If you have any questions, please contact us.