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Make Home Heating Oil Deliveries Easier During the Winter

- 5:07 pm - December 11th, 2019

We know how important it is to receive your heating oil deliveries on time – especially after a snowfall during a Connecticut winter! New Haven homeowners can help make heating oil deliveries run smoothly for themselves and their neighbors by following these tips!

  • Be sure that your house number is displayed visibly and clearly from the road so that you can receive your heating oil delivery on time.

  • Clear a path to your fill pipe! Make sure gates are opened or unlocked, and if you own a dog bring them inside on the day of your delivery.

  • In addition to clearing a path, make sure the area around your fill pipe is clear. This means any debris or other potentially hazardous obstructions are cleared away.

  • Remove all snow and ice on the day of your heating oil delivery! This tip is worth emphasizing, because snow and ice can create a dangerous environment for our drivers.

If you do your best to help our delivery drivers out, you’ll also be doing yourself a favor – because heating oil deliveries can be made more quickly and efficiently! Not only that, but your neighbors will also benefit, because now their heating oil deliveries are coming faster.

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