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How Green Is Connecticut’s Heating Oil?

- 4:36 pm - July 20th, 2020

Home heating oil companies have come a long way in our efforts to “go green” for the sake of our environment’s health and we’re very proud that Rozoil delivers the highest quality clean fuel at Connecticut’s best prices! How exactly is heating oil going green? We’re glad you asked!

Ultra-Low Sulfur

Connecticut heating oil has significantly reduced amounts of sulfur in the fuel. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil contains no more than 15 ppm of sulfur, keeping equipment cleaner so it runs more efficiently and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The blending of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel is known as Bioheat® Fuel. Biodiesel is made from renewable, local resources such as agricultural byproducts and used cooking oil. This means there is less crude oil in every gallon of Bioheat® Fuel delivered to your home. The renewable biodiesel further reduces greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint.

At Rozoil, we blend 20 percent of our Bioheat heating oil with green, renewable fuels and other special treatments that actually extend the life of your heating system by keeping components like filters and fuel lines clean and lubricated.

Now you know how heating oil has changed for the greener! Don’t forget to top off your heating oil tank this summer if you haven’t already, and trust Rozoil for all of your discount heating oil delivery needs.