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Heating Oil at the Right Price

- 8:45 am - January 22nd, 2020

We all know that heating your home takes a big chunk out of your budget. At Rozoil, we do everything we can to control the costs of heating oil, to keep prices as low as possible for you.

Heating oil prices are notoriously hard to predict because there are so many factors beyond our control that impact the price of oil. Some things - like natural disasters, political upheaval in other countries and commodity trading on Wall Street are out of our hands. But with Rozoil you know you are getting the best price for heating oil in New Haven, Connecticut because…

We have a reliable supply of heating oil

We purchase heating oil in bulk, which allows us to save on our initial costs and pass those savings down to our customers. With our own supply of heating oil on hand, you can depend on us to deliver the goods all heating season long!

We only provide what you need

Since we focus solely on heating oil delivery, we’re able to cut costs in other places. We’re not a full-service company, so we don’t have teams of technicians on our payroll. Since you can easily order fuel online, we don’t need an office full of workers to take orders.

We provide efficient deliveries

Our method of delivering to certain areas on certain days provides our customers with an easy-to-learn delivery schedule that also keeps our deliveries consistent and on time!

No matter what’s going on in the world, however, you can count on Rozoil to have high-quality, low-priced heating oil on hand! Get your discount heating oil today when you place an order for heating oil delivery using our convenient website.