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A Full Tank is a Healthy Tank

- 3:19 pm - March 19th, 2019

With the end of the heating season upon us, we’d like to remind you to keep your tank full! While this is obviously important during the heating season, it’s just as vital during the spring and summer, too!

Soon enough, you’ll be done using your heating system as the warmer months come, but an empty or near-empty tank can negatively affect the integrity and health of your storage tank and your heating system… and here’s how!

  • In an empty tank, the space provides room for water to accumulate
  • The water accumulation creates rust inside the tank and promotes the growth of bacteria
  • The rust can corrode the tank, leading to potential releases
  • The bacteria causes sediment buildup, which can find its way into your heating equipment and cause further damage

Just before you put your heating system entirely out of your mind to enjoy the beautiful weather ahead, place an order for your final delivery! Ordering fuel online is quick and easy, so set a reminder to keep your tank full, and contact us online if you have any questions or need immediate assistance.