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NOTE: If you are having a heat emergency, please call the office immediately. Do not use e-mail to alert us to an emergency. Thank you!

About Rozoil

The most convenient and cost-efficient way for Connecticut homes and businesses to buy heating oil!

With over 15 years' experience in the home heating oil delivery business, Rozoil continues its commitment to providing excellent service and daily low prices to our customers in the greater New Haven area.

Rozoil's dedicated staff of professionals is the best in the business. You can always count on Rozoil as the lowest priced and most dependable name in heating oil in Connecticut.

Over the past few years Rozoil has doubled the size of its operation, largely due to our competitive oil pricing and reliable delivery. Rozoil has expanded its delivery area to many new towns and cities across Connecticut and has made its name known in both the residential and commercial communities as the best choice for low fuel oil prices.

Our slogan, "Your neighbor just paid less for heating oil!" is our way of informing those who are not our customers that the days of uncontrollable oil prices are gone, and reliability and savings are just a few steps away! Just ask your neighbor.

Service Area

Rozoil is pleased to serve the following communities in Connecticut:




New Haven

West Haven
East Haven



North Branford

North Haven



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